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Love Dragon Boat Festival, Dragon Boat Festival health!

Jing'an Engineering Co., Ltd,Best wishes:
Dear owners, management companiesSuppliers and friends from all walks of life——Healthy Dragon Boat Festival!

★ The headquarters of company held a meeting that all employees should  improve personal skills and professional knowledge spontaneously on May 11,2020.
Shang Yuanlin, president of the company, summarized the bidding progress and lessons learned in the first half of the year. The existing problems of the company were sorted out and summarized. He proposed that all employees should follow the code of “Work Earnestly、Being Honestly、Doing Responsibly and No Excuse for any fault at work” to improve professional knowledge and strengthen the executive ability. In addition, the following three principles should always be carry out in the work:
Keep a clear mind and build up the ability of adapting ourself to new circumstances. The ancients said: rich knowledge and great ability come from diligence. It is necessary for everyone to implement JingAn Company's tenet of "Design Professionally 、Install Elaborately、Maintain Carefully" . All JingAn employees need to be good at summing up work experiences and lessons、keeping a modest and studious attitude to learn new knowledge constantly、carrying out the behavior principle of "Work Earnestly and Being Honestly"
Stay hungry,stay foolish. We should form the habit of study in a persistent way and familiar with various national standards and professional technical knowledge of the construction industry related to the company's project. Furthermore, we must provide convenience to owner or customer from their perspective.
Be passionate about ourselves ambitious aspirations. New employees of JingAn should learn working experience and professional skill  from old one. The young generation should inherit those precious treasures that "Greater success comes with greater effort”. A harmonious and positive learning atmosphere is crucial for everyone to strengthen ourselves ability and make aspirations come true. Only in this circumstances can we become an excellent employee and realize the value of our life、make the development of JingAn more powerful and prosperous. [2020-05-14]
★ Congratulations!We were Awarded “2020 the Best Safety Company”
Our SAMSUNG project team has been awarded once again “The Best Safety Company” of the Year 2020 by Samsung Property Group due to the hard work, positive working attitude and strong of security responsibility of each member.
We will always execute the Safety Control System to the letter as ever and work with full enthusiasm to repay the trust of our client with a high-standard project. [2020-05-13]

To all workers, to all fighting COVID-19 fighters

The International workers’ Day is coming soon to us, the day belongs to all workers. In this glorious and great festival, JingAn sincerely wishes all of you have a nice day.

Here, we would also like to express our best regards to all the fighters of fighting COVID-19 during the past three months. The fighters are not only the white-robed nurse and doctor, but also our respect academicians Zhong Nanshan, soldiers of the PLA, and ordinary workers in the production of medical equipment As well as all the workers who provide logistic support for the anti-epidemic work, they worked day and night on the front-line of fight against COVID-19, they protect all of us by their Loyalty and devotion to our country. During this combat without gunpowder, they delicately did all they could do to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Many thanks to all of you!

Focus on construction during the fight against coronavirus

On the basis of fight against coronavirus, each project department of our company gradually and steadily resumes construction production. On the premise of ensuring the quality and safety of the project, focus on acceleration of construction progress, strictly control each construction milestones, minimize the impact of the coronavirus to the construction. However, the fighting against coronavirus will never be weakened and all mishears of the epidemic prevention must be implemented to ensure the proceed of construction and fighting against coronavirus.


Good News! We won our first significant MEP Package bid!

Today, we received bid-winning confirmation letter from our new client “Great Wall Motor Group” announcing that we, JingAn, are officially appointed the MEP Package contractor of the SVOLT Energy Technology Company’s Super Battery Project in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province.

This project is our biggest MEP package we have won by far, and we will certainly grab this unique chance, committed to take high-standard quality and safety management measures to ensure this project will be delivered in quality and on schedule and repay our client’s trust!
Again, we would like to thank Great Wall Motor for giving us the chance; and our company management team would also like to thank our excellent colleagues who are in the bid team for their great works produced during this tough virus outbreak period.

★ JingAn responds to the government's call actively to promote the resumption of production in an orderly manner while doing a great job in epidemic prevention and control. Our Huawei(Dongguan)team has taken the lead to resume work after fully meeting the local authorities and owner ’s requirements of epidemic prevention. Other project depts of JingAn are also carrying out the resumption of work actively in accordance with the requirements of the local government department and owner, implementing the specific arrangements for the resumption, and ensuring that the epidemic prevention and project construction are carried out simultaneously. [2020-03-03]
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