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★ Good news:Congratulations to our senior PM Aiming Zhou who is the senior engineer、national constructor、national first-level registered fire engineer be selected as an “Expert Member” of the “Sichuan Experts Committee of the Fire Protection”! Warm congratulations to him!
Aiming Zhou has been engaged in fire engineering for more than 20 years. He has accumulated rich experience in the design, construction and management from dozens of domestic and foreign large-scale industrial plant and fire protection projects, such as Intel, Huawei, Samsung, Hynix, Goodyear, etc. The team led by him showing a strong ability to control quality, progress, safety, acceptance, etc., often praised by the owners、management companies and fire department.
He is proficient in all kinds of fire GB codes and participates in the compilation of some of them. He is also familiar with FM, NFPA and other codes and has a profound knowledge of anti-seismic technology and calculation. Now he is employed as a fire expert of Sichuan Province, which is not only his honor but also the honor of Jingan engineering company! [2019-11-01]
★ Good news:Our company has been awarded the honor of "Sichuan Honest Private Enterprise"
Today is a red-letter day for us.
Our company has been awarded the honor of "Sichuan Honest Private Enterprise" and also listed on the honor list of "credit China".
This honor was jointly awarded by 17 departments including Sichuan provincial development and reform commission, Sichuan housing and urban-rural development department, Sichuan provincial department of commerce, State taxation administration, Sichuan provincial tax service, Sichuan provincial human resources and social security department, Sichuan provincial economic and information department, Science and technology department of sichuan provincial, Department of emergency management of sichuan provincial, etc.
This is the recognition of our company's adherence to the concept of honesty and trustworthiness for 22 years! It is the reward of all staff's efforts, what's more, the achievements of our owners, management companies, suppliers, and friends from all circles trust and support. [2019-10-25]
★ Good news to share with everyone. Recently, our company has won the bidding of Shandong zaozhuang mining electric power plant project and Shanghai Lendlease Aurum project successfully.
The technical requirements of Shandong zaozhuang mining electric power plant project are very strict. Relying on our rich construction experience in the circulating fluidized power plant, our company has won the project and owner's affirmation eventually.
The bidding competition of Shanghai Lendlease Aurum project was unprecedented fierce. After nearly one year of bidding process, our company won the trust of the owner with professional technology and solutions through a dozen rounds of competition.
The winning of these two projects is the full recognition of our company's comprehensive strength, technical level and core competitiveness. It is the reward of all staff's efforts, the achievement of the owner's trust and support, and a congratulatory gift for the 70th anniversary of the motherland!
We are committed to deliver a perfect FP system to the owner in a safe, productive and cost-effective manner.
★ In the fall of 2019, JingAn celebrates its 22nd birthday.
Born in this harvest season, Jing'An has always been striving for development. We always adhere to realism and pragmatism, uphold the down-to-earth work philosophy, and return the owner with stable safety, excellent quality, high efficiency and perfect service.
Until today, the company has gone through 22 years of growth and still has the confidence to moving forward continuously.
In the past 22 years, through the efforts of all staff, we have obtained the titles as "Excellent Company of Safety", " Excellent Company of Quality", " Excellent Unit  of Safety Management", "Advanced Quality Management Unit" and "Best Supplier" awarded by our owners. In the future, we will continue to create more achievements by our persistent efforts.
Here, the most sincere blessing is given to Jing'An, hoping it will develop steadily and vigorously and create more brilliance in the future! [2019-09-04]
★ Congratulations on our winning bid for Huawei dongguan Tuanpowa fire protection project!
In the bidding, the project team of our company did not fear hard work, meticulous, and finally won the bid with excellent technology and outstanding construction ability!
This is the third huawei project undertaken by our company after huawei chengdu and beijing project. It is huawei's feedback and affirmation of jingan company's construction philosophy of "emphasizing quality, promoting safety, ensuring progress and providing excellent service" that has been practiced for several years. [2019-08-08]
★ Yesterday, the Xi'an ESWIN team led by our project manager Zhang Cheng was awarded the “Safe Management Excellent Unit” banner by the owner's safety department manager Li Xiang, This fully demonstrates the owner's high affirmation and praise of our project department, project manager Zhang Cheng and project safety manager Li Ji in the field safety management work. [2019-07-18]
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FP Project of Johnson-Johnson Supply Chain Manufacturing Base(Xian)
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