Branch offices: Beijing
Address: 314-4-503 SILO City Baiziwan Dongli,East Fourth Ring Road,Chaoyang District Beijing(100012)
Tel(Fax): 86-15108497916
Contact : Zhang Jianhua Mobile: 86-13910968628
Beijing Branch
Address: 1501Room JuYang Building,No.1200 Pudong Road,Pudong New Zone,Shanghai
Tel(Fax): 86-18621681919
Contact : Qihong Zhou Mobile: 86-18621681919
Shanghai Branch
Address: 2061 Building 67 Baishiwan Development Zone Dalian(116600)
Tel(Fax): 86-411-87629119
Contact : Yang·Liu Mobile: 86-13591809028
Dalian Branch
Xi an
Address: No.21503,Building7, Xing Fu Yuan Quan, 1st Fengcheng Road, Weiyang District, Xi'an City.(710000)
Tel(Fax): 86-13991288186
Contact : Zhang Xiaohui Mobile: 86-13991288186
Xi an Branch
Address: Room 171,No.39,Tengfei Second Street,Tiexi Area,Shenyang
Tel(Fax): 86-13608061526
Contact : Zhang Yi Mobile: 86-13608061526
Shenyang Branch
Address: 4-3-505 of South tulip garden in Yuhuatai Nanjing(210021)
Tel(Fax): 86-13981981557
Contact : Xu Hongcai Mobile: 86-13981981557
Nanjing office
Address: No.95 BeiHuan Road,HaiGang Area,QinHuangDao,Hebei Province(066022)
Tel(Fax): 86-13980868962
Contact : XiangQiang Mobile: 86-13980868962
Qinhuangdao office
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 Writing Column
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· If Life is Water[Sissi Xie][2007-03-12]
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